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Target Light

XSW 30

used in the german tank Leopard I

The infrared or white shining target light is a floodlight, in which alternatively the invisible infrared or the visible white  light radiation of the ARC -Xenon Bulb can be used. This bulb, in an interchangeable cartridge, is arranged horizontal in the optical axle of the main reflector  (see: Specials / Reflector). Its emitting rays are radiated by this parabolic reflector in the direction of the target. Opposite of the parabolic reflector a metallic ball reflector is mounted, which is fixed on the centre of the arc of the bulb. This reflector serves to get a nearly complete output of the radiation of the ARC - Xenon Bulb. 

ill. floodlight

ill. power supply unit 24V + controll box

Electrical Data

nominal input voltage

24,0 V

min. input voltage

23,5 V

max. input voltage

30,0 V

nominal input power

700 W

power consumption

950 W

Optical Data

source of light

ARC Xenon bulp

luminous intensity, focussed beam, with a light current of 27 +/- 0,5A

 ≥ 30 Mcd

focus, measured at IMAX / 10 in position focussed

 ≤  1,2 (21 marks)

IMAX / 10 in position scatter up to nearly

1,8fold data

main reflector = glas parabolic reflector


effective opt. diameter

 300 mm

focal distance f

107,5 mm

auxiliary reflector = metallic ball reflector



76 mm

IR Filter 

glass, covered with a infrared film


308 mm

transmission of IR filter


at   895nm

≤ 1,25%

at 1000nm

≥   57%

at 1100nm

≥   77%